17:15 PM

Internal nail with resorbable calcium sulfate may address limb reconstruction pathologies

Orthopedics Today highlights the findings of an HSS study by limb lengthening surgeon Austin T. Fragomen, MD and colleagues, which showed limb reconstruction with internal lengthening nails and antibiotic-loaded resorbable calcium sulfate may address infectious and length pathologies while avoiding the disadvantages of prolonged external fixation.

“The take-home message of this study is that internal implants can be used to treat bone fractures in the presence of infection if coated with antibiotics, and the use of antibiotic paste can prevent infection in high-risk surgeries,” said Dr. Fragomen. “The deeper message is one of the power of collaboration for posterity. A unified effort from three major orthopedic centers has produced a mini-consensus supporting this novel technique for infection control.”

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