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Inside The NFL Combine's Medical Evaluation Process

HSS sports medicine surgeon Scott A. Rodeo, MD, and primary care sports medicine physician James J. Kinderknecht, MD, explained the NFL Scouting Combine's medical evaluation process, Giants.com reported. During the annual event, draft prospects are evaluated by team physicians from each NFL team.

"Our job is to carry out a comprehensive examination, so there is a basic physical examination, but then we do X-rays, we'll do MRI scans, CT scans if there's a history of injuries," said Dr. Rodeo, head team physician of the New York Giants.

"And then on the performance side, there's a whole evaluation. They run 40-yard dashes, they do position-specific drills, lifting, so it's really a comprehensive battery of tests, not just to understand their injury history and their physical exam, but any predictors of further injury," added Dr. Rodeo.

Once the exams are complete, the general manager reviews the information in advance of the draft.

"Accuracy is incredibly important because the organization needs good information to make decisions in terms of future employees," said Dr. Kinderknecht, associate team physician for the New York Giants.

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