04:07 AM

Innovations and renewed interest emerge regarding Lapidus bunion correction

Orthopedics Today features insights from HSS foot and ankle surgeons Scott J. Ellis, MD and Anne Holland Johnson, MD, discussing innovations and renewed interest in Lapidus bunion correction surgery.

“In general, newer instrumentation allows for a more controlled assessment of rotation to guide correction. It also gives increased ability to prepare the TMT [Lapidus first tarsometatarsal] joint using cutting jigs,” said Dr. Ellis. “In addition, fixation options are varied and give great fixation compared with traditional techniques. I think these advantages are particularly useful for surgeons less experienced with the Lapidus procedure.”

Dr. Johnson added, “Percutaneous foot surgery is a new skill for most surgeons and requires dedicated time to learn and practice. However, if a surgeon was already performing an open Lapidus procedure with screw fixation, a mini-open approach should be an easy way to start. The advantages are obvious: less soft tissue stripping that leads to substantially less pain and faster healing.”

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