15:29 PM

Injury Prevention Tips For Musicians

Daily Voice Bergenfield features a bylined article by Aviva L. Wolff, EdD, OT, CHT, clinician scientist at HSS, on injury prevention tips for musicians.

Wolff wrote while its unlikely for musicians to cut down on the number of practices and performances which involve highly repetitive and coordinated movements, she underscored the importance of physically warming up prior to playing (i.e. stretches to the forearm muscles). “Warming up before playing increases the blood flow to the muscles and allows musicians to play longer with less pain and fatigue,” she cited. Wolff suggested taking 10-15 minute breaks every hour, doing a few gentle stretches or simply walking around to relieve any muscle tension and give the muscles a chance to recover.

Wolff concluded it’s while common for musicians to give in to poor posture as they are playing for long periods of time in unusual positions, it is advised to practice good body mechanics to help place less stress on the joints and muscles.

Read the article at Dailyvoice.com/new-jersey/Bergenfield.