09:46 AM

Injuries Cost NFL Teams Over $500 Million In 2019

Forbes discusses a report by The Associated Press detailing NFL teams spent an estimated $521 million in care for injured players during the 2019 season. Much of that attention has been directed toward head injuries and protecting quarterbacks. Additionally, wide receivers topped the list, while cornerbacks and safeties ranked second and third, respectively.

Forbes spoke to Scott A. Rodeo, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS, who discussed the impact of injuries and injury prevention in the league. “Injury susceptibility is multifactorial, and careful analysis of injuries requires distinguishing injuries that may be due to overuse versus injury due to contact,” he noted. “It is well-established that muscle strain injuries (such as a hamstring injury) occur in sprinting athletes. Contact that occurs when an individual is running at a high rate of speed likely plays a role as a risk factor for injury."

While there was an uptick of concussions between 2018 and 2019, Dr. Rodeo is encouraged by the progress made by the league when treating head injuries. “Although the trend in concussion numbers is encouraging, more important is the recognition that these numbers reflect the increased attention by the NFL on concussion detection, early evaluation and efforts to improve player awareness,” he said. “These efforts, combined with rule changes and equipment modifications to mitigate concussion risk, should continue to improve player safety.”

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