11:41 AM

In Defense of Walking More and Running Less (Just Hear Me Out)

Runner’s World discusses how walking can still support your running goals, and significantly decrease the risk of injury, according to experts.

Research shows that bouts of exercise under 60 minutes can be great for the immune system, and HSS exercise physiologist, Polly de Mille RN, MA, RCEP, CSCS, USAT, explained now more than ever, it’s important not to over train. “As a woman, it’s important to work on bone density, which can be done with a walk or any weight-bearing exercise,” said de Mille. “And depending on your speed or if you’re walking up a hill, it can still be a great workout. You’re also still working a lot of the same musculature [of running] without the high-impact forces, that same gait pattern without excessive eccentric stress to your muscles. Although it’s different, it’s still helpful.”

HSS sports psychologist, Deborah N. Roche, PhD, added, “It’s important to have some grace with yourself and do the best you can. Right now, the goal with movement should be to get away from the fight or flight. You want to breathe and shift that arousal level. And a walk is a great place to start.”

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