15:30 PM

I Tried Biohacking My Period To Optimize My Workouts—Here’s What Happened

Well + Good explains how different phases of a menstrual cycle can affect exercise and shares guidance from experts including Kathleen L. Davenport, MD, physiatrist at HSS Florida.

According to Dr. Davenport, “The body is sending certain hormones to essentially prepare the uterus to have a baby, and then the ovulation happens, and then if that egg is not fertilized, then the body is then getting rid of everything that was made there to support any kind of pregnancy.”

She added that through hormones change throughout cycle phases, as a result, affects the body as it prepares to have a period or for pregnancy. This “can also affect our exercise and other things in our body since our hormones are not just localized to the uterus, or to the ovaries, or eggs,” she noted.

Dr. Davenport explained the little research that’s out there has been inconclusive because each menstruator’s cycle is different, and they’re releasing different levels of hormones.

Dr. Davenport advised listening to one’s body and responding to its needs, as the data suggests.

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