20:41 PM

HTX-011 yielded mild pain scores, reduced opioid use after bunionectomy

Orthopedics Today highlights the perspective of Anne Holland Johnson, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at HSS, on study findings indicating HTX-011 may lead to mild postoperative pain scores and reduced opioid use after bunionectomy.

Dr. Johnson wrote, “This study investigates the use of a novel local anesthetic containing HTX-011, a combination of bupivacaine and meloxicam, used in conjunction with scheduled oral ibuprofen and acetaminophen after open bunion surgery. The authors compared the results of this multi-modal approach to postoperative pain with a similar trial (EPOCH-1 trial) using HTX-011 alone. The results are indeed impressive. A significant number of patients, 71%, required no opioid rescue after surgery and without any major adverse effects.”

She added, “Using a 24-hour popliteal block with bupivacaine and a similar postoperative multi-modal approach regimen, I have noted the same results in my practice after hallux valgus surgery. Avoiding a more invasive nerve block with rare, but potentially debilitating, complications would certainly benefit patients. In addition, for those surgeons who do not have access to peripheral block specialists, this topical medication would allow an opioid-free postoperative course for most patients undergoing forefoot corrective surgery.”

Dr. Johnson concluded, “This small, 30-patient study serves as an excellent pilot investigation but, because it was sponsored by the maker of HTX-011 and the authors received financial support and honoraria, significant conflicts muddy the results. Hopefully, this prompts a larger independent study comparing this approach directly to popliteal blocks with a multi-modal approach in the outpatient setting.”

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