09:38 AM

Magnetic limb-lengthening holds promise for Philly patients

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports how magnetic limb lengthening surgery is helping patients with imbalanced limbs. 

Austin T. Fragomen, MD, limb lengthening surgeon at HSS said, “The magnetic internal rod device was a game changer for limb lengthening.” 

Two weeks after surgery to implant the rod, the patient begins the lengthening process by holding an external magnet over the magnet within the rod to begin lengthening the rod. As space opens up between these two ends, new bone grows to fill in the gap.

Limb lengthening with magnetic implants, first introduced in 2012, is now gaining popularity among adults who simply want to be taller. Over the last 17 years, Dr. Fragomen’s practice has seen these types of surgeries increase from about a half-dozen a year to about 25. Patients typically need to be 5′5″ or shorter and must be cleared by a psychologist before surgery.

Both legs are done at the same time and can be lengthened up to three inches, the size of the rods. From having the initial surgery to walking independently takes six months.

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