08:08 AM

HSS plans $6M move of pediatric rehab program

Crain’s Health Pulse interviews Justin Oppenheimer, HSS Enterprise Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, about the relocation of pediatric rehabilitation to 510 E. 74th St. in the Upper East Side.

Oppenheimer said the move will allow the program to grow comfortably and allows for ongoing modernization efforts. “By moving it to a building specialized for outpatient services, away from a hospital setting, it improves patient access and the experience for them and their parents,” he said.

The program is expected to handle nearly 18,000 visits as well and is projected to grow to nearly 19,000 visits by the third year of operation.

Oppenheimer concluded citing the existing space will be used to build out its operating rooms and other infrastructure that supports inpatient and surgical services.

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