06:45 AM

How to Treat Bunions to Prevent as Much Pain as Possible

ALLURE features an overview about the symptoms, treatment and prevention of bunions according to experts including HSS foot and ankle surgeon Elizabeth A. Cody, MD.

"A bunion is the result of your first metatarsal bone gradually shifting out of alignment," explained Dr. Cody. "As the first metatarsal shifts, the big toe in turn starts shifting the opposite direction, towards your other toes." She continued, "If left unaddressed, a bunion can lead to other problems such as hammertoes, other second toe deformities like a 'crossover' toe, and mid-foot arthritis," adding, "You may also get more pain under the ball of your foot."

According to Dr. Cody, "If you notice that you have a bump over the side of your big toe that is painful and rubs in shoes, you probably have a bunion.” She cited, “Your big toe rubbing against your second toe, even when you don't have shoes on, is another sign."

To prevent them from ever forming in the first place, Dr. Cody advised, "Wearing shoes that give your toes space and don't squeeze your feet is probably the best thing you can do!"

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