12:07 PM

How to run a successful ASC: A cheat sheet by 55 industry leaders

Becker's ACS Review highlights what healthcare leaders would add to their own "successful ASC management" cheat sheets.

David W. Altchek, MD, co-chief emeritus of the Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service, said one thing outweighs all else: culture. 

Justin Oppenheimer, chief operating officer and chief strategy officer at HSS shared aspects of ACS management that he feels are pivotal to success, which include: 

  • Surgeon-led structure: Successful ASCs have an engaged group of surgeon leaders who care about every aspect: the clinical outcome, the patient experience, the staff experience and the bottom line. Ensuring the right leadership structure and the engaged surgeons in each role is critical.
  • Unified culture: Every member of the team from the scrub tech, to the PACU nurse, the surgeon, to the receptionist needs to feel connected to the mission and goals. Everyone is a leader and has an impact on quality, experience, efficiency and results. People matter.
  • Data-driven operations: While a culture of improvement is critical, you cannot improve what you cannot measure. Having a set of metrics that everyone is keyed in on helps drive performance.

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