14:18 PM

How to Regain Strength After COVID-19

U.S. News & World Report discusses suggested strategies to improve health and regain strength after recovering from COVID-19 according to experts, including Brianne Mooney, PT, DPT, SFMA 1, physical therapist at HSS.

Mooney recommended people get up and move every 45 minutes or so (i.e., walking, performing acts of daily living like bathing and dressing as well as structured exercises such as cycling, etc.), as they are beneficial. "Any physical activity should be based on symptoms and current levels of function," she said, stating the goal is to engage the muscles of the body without exacerbating any symptoms.

When integrating movement into your recovery routine, Mooney advised to prioritize resistance-based exercises that challenge your body's largest muscle groups. She noted that completing three 15-minute workouts per week is a great starting point, and patients can increase frequency and duration as recovery progresses. To strengthen the lower body, Mooney advised to try exercises such as squats, glute bridges and side steps. For the upper body, incorporate row and shoulder-press variations. Your body weight, light dumbbells and resistance bands all make great at-home resistance gear, explained Mooney.

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