12:35 PM

How To Pick The Perfect Chair For Your Home Office

MEL Magazine discusses how to select a chair for your home office according to experts, including Jon Cinkay, PT, body mechanics coordinator at HSS.

Cinkay explains that as long as the chair is adjustable, it will suffice, regardless of the price tag. Whether the chair has armrests or not, Cinkay advises to keep elbows bent at 90 degrees when typing at the computer, and sitting all the way back in the chair (versus leaning forward toward the computer), to ensure the chair can support your lower and upper back. The hips should be slightly higher than the knees so the lap is angled downward and the feet should be in contact with the ground (or a small stool).

Even if the chair is unadjustable, there are small hacks that can be done to make it work. For instance, if the chair is too low, put a few pillows on the seat, suggests Cinkay. If your feet aren’t touching the ground, Cinkay advises to stack a few books on the floor as a makeshift stool.

No matter what kind of chair you have, it’s important to not sit for too long. Cinkay recommends standing up and stretching every hour or so. “If they [people] remember to get up and move every hour, at least it gives them that opportunity to reset their posture,” he says.

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