14:20 PM

How to Harness Data as a Motivational Tool, Not a Distraction

Shape speaks to experts including Chelsea Long M.S., C.S.C.S, exercise physiologist at HSS about the pros and cons of tracking health and fitness data. 

These days, fitness apps, activity trackers, and heart-rate monitors give health and fitness enthusiasts access to numbers galore. From pace to rank, hours slept to calories burned, quantitative data is just a click or tap away. So, how can you use this data to keep you motivated?

“There should be times when you’re not focused on going at max pace (or on pace at all),” said Long.  So, if you find you are judging yourself based on how fast you’re running, she recommended leaving the watch at home or  not to look at your watch at all. 

“On the days you’re watch-free, try to settle into a natural rhythm where you stride along with your breathing,” suggested Long.

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