13:34 PM

Here’s What Your Body Pain Says About Your Work-From-Home Setup

POPSUGAR interviews HSS body mechanics coordinator, Jon Cinkay, PT, who offers best practices to reduce body pain when working from home.

According to Cinkay, an ergonomically incorrect workstation could be the root of your consistent neck, shoulder, and head pain. He suggested purchasing a laptop stand or large monitor so your screen height matches your eye level. This will help prevent neck strain and shrugging the shoulders forward (both of which can trigger headaches). Repositioning your seat so that your elbows are bent at a 90-degree angle can also help ease your pain.

Prioritizing good lighting throughout your workspace and avoiding direct sunlight on your computer screen will help ease eye strain. "We may have more natural light coming into our home office, but if it hits your screen, one will tend to squint, which causes eye strain," said Cinkay.

Additionally, Cinkay explained if you’re not allowing your seat to support your back, this could be triggering upper-back pain. "Using a pillow [or small towel rolled up] for back support may help. Place it between [your] upper back and the chair. If you feel the towel roll fall, it means you are leaning forward," he cited. Cinkay also recommended placing the feet on a footstool, some books, or reams of paper to support the legs and back.

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