09:16 AM

Here’s What to Do If You Get Injured During a Race Buildup

Runner's World reports on what athletes can do when they get injured, and factors to consider when deciding whether to race or call it quits, according to experts.

Runner's World spoke to Jordan D. Metzl, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at HSS, who underscored the importance of knowing when pain is signaling a serious injury versus a general ache. "There’s a difference between healthy pain and unhealthy pain,” said Dr. Metzl. “It’s important to be a good ‘body listener.’ If something feels different from ordinary pain, you should pay attention to it," he noted.

Dr. Metzl explained changing your form to compensate for an injury can lead to worse consequences down the road, including additional injuries. “If you’re only running a mile, that’s one thing. But if you’re landing differently through 26.2 miles, you can cause some major damage.”

Its advised to respect recovery time and re-evaluate expectations. Dr. Metzl cited a few down weeks can be critical to helping nip an injury in the bud. He added, “Races are important, but I want you to be race again next year and the year after." Furthermore, Dr. Metzl concluded, “If you want to race, that’s your call. But you just have to be prepared for a potentially longer recovery time afterwards."

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