13:01 PM

Good Day Utah

In recognition of Arthritis Awareness Month (May), actor Clark Middleton appeared on "Good Day Utah” to discuss his experience living with arthritis and a campaign by the Arthritis Foundation entitled, “Let’s get a grip on Arthritis.”

Middleton disclosed he was diagnosed at the age of 4 with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) and underwent a number of joint replacement surgeries in his 30s to improve his quality of life. “I’m going to name drop the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City which is amazing. I’m living the dream as an actor. I’m healthy, and happy to be talking to you about this great campaign for the Arthritis Foundation.”

When asked what arthritis feels like, Middleton stated, “It feels like a rotting toothache within my joints, within my bones. And then there’s also the psychological effects of being in pain. Luckily I don’t have as much of that anymore because of those great doctors and surgeons I’ve had over the years.”

Middleton cited the purpose of the Let’s get a grip on Arthritis campaign is to debunk the myths and reveal the truth, the facts about arthritis. He added, “The biggest myth I can think of is that only older people have arthritis. I’ve had it as a child and I remember people, kids saying, ‘you have arthritis? Isn’t that an old person’s disease?’ But there are a lot of myths.”

This segment aired during the morning news hour on May 7, 2019.