20:51 PM

Four Things to Do to Stay Healthy and Sane This Winter

GQ discusses ways to stay physically and mentally healthy this winter during these times according to HSS sports medicine physician James N. Robinson, MD and exercise physiologist Polly de Mille RN, MA, RCEP, CSCS, USAT.

“With COVID-19 cases surging around the country you need to protect yourself from as many other illnesses as possible,” said Dr. Robinson, advising to get a flu shot. “Since most hospitals around the country run at or near capacity during flu season as it is, it’s important to do our part to keep resources available to treat coronavirus patients.”

It’s important to try to get as many of your recommended daily values of vitamins and minerals by eating a well-rounded diet. However, Dr. Robinson explained supplements are a strategic way to boost overall wellbeing December through March, if needed. In particular, he underscored the importance of Vitamin D. “Vitamin D doesn't occur in our diet naturally, although some milk and cereals are fortified with it,” he said. “The only way we get Vitamin D naturally is from the sun. Of course, during the winter months, we get less sunlight, and Vitamin D deficiency is very common,” noted Dr. Robinson, recommending to supplement the diet with 400-2000 IU of Vitamin D a day.

According to de Mille, it’s important to make at home fitness a priority. “Besides just the physical benefits of getting active, there are also very clear psychological benefits,” she said. de Mille recommended making the set-up as easy and seamless as possible. That includes snagging the tools you need to incorporate regular flexibility, cardio, and strength work into the mix. Now is the time to purchase the equipment you will need. “You don’t need to spend a ton of money,” cited de Mille, advising to do what you can to make it seamless: "Remove as many barriers as possible", she noted. Just like you'll want to spend some time streamlining a fitness routine, de Mille also suggested working on practice focused on your mental health.

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