11:04 AM

Fitness Basics: Bodyweight Training

MyFitnessPal reports on the benefits of bodyweight training and its use to achieve various fitness goals according to experts, including HSS exercise physiologist, Max Castrogaleas MA, CSCS, TSAC-F, EP-C, FMS, FRCms.

Castrogaleas explained how bodyweight exercises can help address asymmetries and imbalances, using squats as an example, as many people shift to and favor one side of their body when performing this exercise.

To maximize the return of effort when bodyweight training, Castrogaleas suggested performing an exercise in a controlled manner in front of the mirror, prior to doing an exercise at a quick tempo. “People tend to move fast and fail to focus on exercise technique,” he noted. “The mirror will provide visual feedback so that you can focus on proper form and alignment.”

Castrogaleas also advised to prioritize recovery. “Remember, you are still utilizing your body weight as a form of resistance,” he said. “Excessive training without proper recovery can lead to overtraining and increased risk of injury.”

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