10:21 AM

Finding The Elusive “Peak Performance” In Surgery: HSS Study

Orthopedics This Week discusses the article published in the September issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons by former HSS spine surgery fellows Philip Louie, MD and Michael McCarthy, MD, outlining five key areas to achieve peak performance during surgical training. Areas include: translating practices from peak performers in other fields; goal setting and accountability; developing technical skills; perseverance and grit; and mentorship.

HSS spine surgeon and surgeon-in-chief emeritus Todd J. Albert, MD explained the genesis of this novel study, noting “This work was prompted by Drs. Philip Louie and Michael McCarthy after discussions and a lecture on performance, leadership and burnout.” As for how programs might encourage trainees to engage in a mindfulness practice, Dr. Albert noted, “We should make it an important part of trainees’ time and the leadership of a particular program should recognize its importance and value.” He added, “The majority of trainees (if not all) set goals. The variability comes in their dedication and organization in a defined plan for attainment of the goals.”

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