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Expert Dr. Karen Sutton Talks About Keeping Girls In Sports

New York Family reports on the findings of recent studies that have shown young girls are dropping out of sports due to obstacles that they confront when playing the game. 

New York Family spoke to Karen M. Sutton, MD, sports medicine surgeon at HSS about how to encourage girls to stay involved, and a new initiative "Keep Her In the Game," aimed to provide girls with the confidence they for play. Dr. Sutton cited, "’Keep Her In The Game' is about empowering young girls to stay in sports; either athletically or professionally. I hope that girls will gain an understanding on how sports change during adolescence: the ins and outs of sports bras, deodorant, re-training muscles and managing your period during sports." Dr. Sutton explained, "It’s important to remember that girls respond to their environment. They prefer a group setting with teams that offer camaraderie, support and friendships. They want to understand the whys behind certain plays or decisions." Furthermore, Dr. Sutton added, "Being on a team helps girls build confidence in their abilities, meet challenges, overcome adversity, and connect the dots between hard work and results. On-field experiences can carry over to the classroom, among friend groups and even into the workplace."

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