10:27 AM

Exercise After Covid-19? Take It Slow

The New York Times features an article written by HSS sports medicine physician Jordan D. Metzl, MD, discussing how to return to exercise safely after infection with COVID-19.

According to the article, recent studies have shown heart and lung damage can happen after even mild illness, prompting physicians to recommend caution before returning to your workout. “To help patients safely return to activity after mild to moderate COVID-19 infection, my colleagues at Hospital for Special Surgery [HSS] and I published an evidence-based set of guidelines based on a review of the existing medical literature and our ever-evolving understanding of the disease. Our "return to activity” guidelines urge far more caution than in the past, based on the unpredictable nature of how the virus affects each person,” noted Dr. Metzl.

Dr. Metzl advised for anyone who had severe illness or was hospitalized with COVID-19 to consult with a physician about whether it’s safe to exercise. Even for those who experienced mild illness or no symptoms are encouraged to take precautions before exercising again. Among their new recommendations, Dr. Metzl and his colleagues counseled not to exercise if you’re still sick; a gradual, stepwise and slow return to full activity; refraining from exercise if symptoms return; and for patients who experienced chest pain and shortness of breath to see a cardiologist.

Read the full article at Nytimes.com. This article also appeared in print on December 1. 

Additional coverage: Today.com, broadcasted on NY1 during the 8am news hour on December 1.