07:00 AM

Episode 3: Adult limb length discrepancy, post-traumatic reconstruction, some considerations and problem areas to avoid with Dr. Robert Rozbruch.

Reach Your Height interviewed S. Robert Rozbruch, MD, chief of the limb lengthening and complex reconstruction service at HSS, in a podcast about the service's history and his experience with adult limb lengthening surgery.

"We offer solutions to patients that previously had no alternatives," said Dr. Rozbruch.

"We had all these new tools that we could start using to help people get back on their feet, instead of just living with the status quo or losing their limb because of a limb salvage situation that didn't have this availability," he added.

When asked to share his best limb lengthening advice for surgeons, Dr. Rozbruch said "be tenacious about achieving the goal that you have decided on."

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