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Eagles made right call in going slow with Carson Wentz's return, surgeons say

Delaware News Journal reported that Philadelphia Eagles' QB Carson Wentz experienced a nine-month recovery period after undergoing surgery to repair two torn knee ligaments.

HSS sports medicine surgeon Scott A. Rodeo, MD, who did not treat Wentz, noted how coaches and physicians measure a player's benchmarks throughout the rehabilitation process.

"You try to measure function… Running, planting, pivoting, deceleration, change of direction. We do specific tests. A triple-hop test, or how someone lands from a jump. We can do some videotape analysis to look at movement patterns to get some objective information to quantify function," said Dr. Rodeo.

Additionally, Dr. Rodeo explained that they also use GPS to measure information on the volume and speed of an athlete's run.

Read the full article at delawareonline.com. This also appeared in the September 23, 2018 print issue.