08:49 AM

Dual Mobility Hip Replacement - Relieves Pain and Reduces Risk of Dislocation

Health News Digest discusses the advancements of dual mobility hip replacements and features insight from Geoffrey H. Westrich, MD, hip and knee surgeon at HSS.

According to Dr. Westrich, one of the most noteworthy advances is a dual mobility hip replacement. He has conducted several studies on the implant and has found that the dual mobility prosthesis reduces the risk of dislocation, one of the most common complications after hip replacement surgery. While the incidence is less than 2% at HSS and other major joint replacement centers, it is significantly higher at some other locations.

Dr. Westrich explained, “The dual mobility system was designed to increase range of motion and decrease the risk of a dislocation, which is especially important for active patients who may put more demands on their new hip or patients who are at higher risk of dislocation.”

A study that Dr. Westrich conducted evaluated almost 200 hip replacements with the dual mobility implant and found no dislocations at patient follow-up of at least five years and was featured at the virtual annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in 2020.

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