11:54 AM

Local Hand Surgeon Helps Patients with Painful Wrist Injury

Stamford Patch reports on a new surgical procedure to repair a torn scapholunate ligament, which has demonstrated promise in relieving wrist pain and restoring function, according to Scott W. Wolfe, MD, hand and upper extremity surgeon at HSS. 

"The injury most often affects healthy active people. When the ligament ruptures, any activity that combines wrist motion and wrist strength becomes difficult, if not impossible," explained Dr. Wolfe.

Until now, the most common repair entailed the use of metal wires and pins, which fails in about 30 percent of patients. Dr. Wolfe is one of just a few hand surgeons in the U.S. performing the new procedure, known as ANAFAB (anatomic front and back repair). "The goal is to reconnect the bones and restore their normal motion to provide pain relief, make the wrist stable again and stop the arthritic process," he noted. Dr. Wolfe described the surgery as a complex and highly technical procedure, which is performed without the use of wires and pins – a big advantage.

Dr. Wolfe has performed the ANAFAB procedure on 14 patients to date and is monitoring their progress over the longterm. "The results are preliminary, but in my 30-year career I have not been this excited about this kind of ligament repair. We're seeing patients who are now pain-free and back to activities they enjoy,” cited Dr. Wolfe.

Read the article at Patch.com/connecticut/stamford.