16:44 PM

Surgeons should educate each other on the hip-spine connection

Orthopedics Today reports the notion that the spine moves independently of the pelvis and hip has been negated in recent years, as research has identified important connections between the alignment of the spinal column and the position of the pelvis. Because of the complexities of this connection, treatment of patients with hip-spine pathology is moving toward a new approach, where surgeons are advised to collaborate on diagnosis and treatment, to educate each other, according to experts.

Orthopedics Today spoke to Geoffrey H. Westrich, MD, hip and knee surgeon at HSS, who explained, “We are trying to educated surgeons on a better understanding of how involved the spine is, making sure that surgeons identify patients before they are doing a hip replacement, making sure they ask if [patients] have had a spine fusion or arthritis of their spine or spinal stenosis.” Additionally, Dr. Westrich advised, “In a patient who has an involved spine, I would always have them see a spine surgeon in addition to seeing me, and the two of us would discuss what the priorities are prior to embarking on surgery.”

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