17:18 PM

Extreme Sports – How Young Athletes Can Stay Safe

Daily Voice Brookfield features a bylined article by Nicholas Sgrignoli, MD, primary care sports medicine physician at HSS, on injury prevention tips for youth athletes to consider when participating in extreme sports. 

Dr. Sgrignoli wrote athletes are advised to travel with supplies that will help sustain them for longer than their anticipated planned outing, and to explore their terrain prior to engaging in the activity. When traveling, particularly to remote locations, Dr. Sgrignoli suggested taking a partner, and to discuss an emergency plan (i.e., who to contact for help [if needed], how to prepare for unexpected weather, etc.) Use of protective equipment, such as a helmet, is also recommended, which will vary depending on the sport.

Additionally, as the strain placed on the body during extreme sports is higher than many team sports, Dr. Sgrignoli underscored the importance of being well rested and knowing when to call it a day prior to fatigue setting in.

Read the article at Dailyvoice.com.