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Al Roker is up and walking one day after hip surgery

NBC TODAY reports TODAY co-anchor and meteorologist Al Roker underwent a left hip replacement surgery yesterday performed by David J. Mayman, MD, hip and knee surgeon at HSS, at the Hospital’s main campus in New York City. Roker conducted a live chat with his fellow anchors from his hospital room this morning, informing them the procedure was a success, and he will return home today.

TODAY spoke to Dr. Mayman who commented on the outcome of Roker’s procedure, stating, “Everything went great, it was exactly as expected.” Dr. Mayman added, "People [who undergo hip replacement surgery] get back to everything. It just feels like their normal hip.”

The need for Roker’s hip replacement came from age-related osteoarthritis, which Dr. Mayman cited is not uncommon. “So osteoarthritis is just wear and tear. I tell people it's like the treads on the tires of the car, and you drive enough miles, eventually you wear the treads thin,” he explained. Prior to surgery, Roker had been taking anti-inflammatory medications, attended physical therapy and received cortisone injections for his hip pain. “Once those things don't work anymore, then hip replacement is the mechanical fix to the mechanical problem,'' noted Dr. Mayman.

Dr. Mayman said the average healthy person has to walk with a cane for about two weeks after the procedure, and most people will feel about 80 percent recovered six weeks post-surgery.

Watch the segment on TODAY.com, which aired during the second hour of the show on September 19, 2019.

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