13:41 PM

Barefoot Training Might Be The Latest Fitness Fad But Its Benefits Are Legit

Women’s Health reports the trend of barefoot training is gaining traction among fit pros everywhere, as this can help improve balance and overall foot and ankle strength.

Women’s Health spoke to Anne Holland Johnson, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at HSS, about the importance of toning the muscle groups in the foot and ankle. “Your feet and ankles together are the base of the body,” said Dr. Johnson. “So, if you have any instability there, it can affect your gait [or how you walk]. If one small thing’s off there, you’ll compensate, and that goes up the kinetic chain.”

Dr. Johnson suggested beginners to barefoot training should start with something simple (i.e. balancing on one foot). “From there, you can move on to lower-body moves, such as squats, one legged squats, lunges – anything that incorporates the rest of the leg, thigh, and core will inherently strengthen the foot and the ankle,” she cited.

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