17:10 PM

Understanding Your Fracture Diagnosis And Treatment

Daily Voice Bridgeport features a bylined article by Andrew Grose, MD, MSc, orthopedic trauma surgeon at HSS, about understanding the diagnosis and treatment of bone fractures.

Dr. Grose wrote a bone fracture and a break are the same, and there isn’t a type of fracture that is better or worse than any other, as long as the skin and soft tissues around the fracture are healthy.

Dr. Grose cited in treating every fracture, the primary goal is to restore as much function as possible once healing and rehabilitation is complete. He added that some fractures can be treated with simple rest, splinting or often casting, while others are better treated with surgery to realign the bone. Fractures that are operated on are fixed with either a plate and screws or a rod, all of which are designed to be left in place forever, or to be removed if they cause symptoms.

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