14:11 PM

The Dangers of Carving Pumpkins

Inside Edition reports on the dangers of handling sharp tools when carving pumpkins, and spoke to Duretti Fufa, MD, hand and upper extremity surgeon at HSS, who provided safety tips to consider to prevent hand injuries.

Dr. Fufa recommended the use of specially designed pumpkin carving kits versus a kitchen knife, which could lead to sliced fingers and hands. “Have the knife blade down, and your hand on top of the knife so that when we’re exerting the downward force, our hand will not slip down the knife.” Dr. Fufa advised using sawing not stabbing-like motions when carving, and to never cut toward the hand. “The blade could inadvertently cut the inside of the palm. Instead you should stabilize the pumpkin and be cutting away from the hand.” Furthermore, never put your hand inside the pumpkin when carving. “You may inadvertently plunge inside and cut the hand when you’re not seeing it,” said Dr. Fufa. “To prevent yourself from being tempted to put your hand in the pumpkin you can put the top back inside while you’re working on making your outside cuts,” she cited.

Watch the segment at Insideedition.com. This segment also aired on broadcast on October 15, 2019.