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HSS Residency Leadership Group: Fostering the Future

Ortho Spine News reports on the focus areas of the residency program at HSS, to ensure formal mentorship and the fostering of skill development of future healthcare professionals.

Ortho Spine News spoke to Duretti Fufa, MD, hand and upper extremity surgeon, and director of the residency program at HSS, who said, “We have 9 residents per year, for a total of 45 at any one time. Four years ago, at the suggestion of Todd J. Albert, MD, we formed the Residency Leadership Group (RLG), a team of six faculty members who participate in key educational roles for the residents. We hold monthly meetings to discuss residency-related issues, set goals for the year and respond to residents’ concerns. We encourage an open dialogue amongst the members, each of whom is from a different subspecialty.”

Dr. Fufa explained a large focus area of the program is the resident’s workload. “For a very intensive five-year period they have extremely little control over their schedules. Thus, when they suggest things that might help them with time/schedule management, we listen and try to implement their suggestions. This ranges from simple matters such as fixing a slow computer to larger initiatives, such as finding additional administrative supports to help decrease their stress levels,” she said.

Dr. Fufa cited to be on the leading edge, you have to address the topics that are rising to the top. “In line with our goal of training residents to be educators and leaders within the field, two years ago, we instituted a leadership curriculum for the residents. This involves a deep dive into various topics through a lecture done by the RLG. Another topic we’re working on is improving how we evaluate how residents are progressing and acquiring surgical skills through objective evaluation. For three years, we have had an event called the Surgical Games in which residents perform various simulated surgical tasks with direct observation from a faculty member who provides immediate, objective feedback.”

Dr. Fufa noted her desire to empower the faculty of the RLG to drive their own initiatives to allow for continued innovation as a leader in education. 

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