11:37 AM

Synovial Biopsy Findings Drive Precision Medicine for RA Closer to the Clinic

Medscape reports on the outcomes of recent studies analyzing synovial tissues, which have indicated the potential for robust markers to bring precision medicine to the rheumatoid arthritis (RA) arena.

Laura Donlin, PhD, co-director of the Derfner Foundation Precision Medicine Laboratory at HSS, co-authored an editorial accepted for publication in Arthritis & Rheumatology, and discussed the promise for which molecular and cellular characterization of an individual’s synovium will improve the management of RA. “Together, these emerging findings are advancing our understanding of the transcriptional and cellular characteristics of the synovium in RA,” they wrote, further citing the incorporation of synovial assessments into clinical management of patients as “the next step in empowering clinicians to apply advances in molecular immunology to better tailor treatment decisions.”

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