10:46 AM

Radiology’s reimbursement rub

HealthCare Business News interviews John A. Carrino, MD, MPH, vice chairman of the Department of Radiology and Imaging at HSS, and Richard Fleury, vice president of the Department of Radiology and Imaging at HSS, who discussed reimbursement models and what radiologists can do to navigate value-based payment systems.

Fluery explained HSS has encouraged and supported increased visibility of radiologists and their interaction with their referring physicians for a long time. “It’s interacting with them in their interdisciplinary conferences and participating in those conferences as a member of the team. Those engagements help foster a better understanding of the enormous amount of value of radiology in general,” he said.

Dr. Carrino noted physicians need a bigger voice in explaining what defines healthcare quality, and as those discussion occur, if people want higher quality, the value to cost equation will tilt further. Patients will ultimately make the decision for transparency related to value and cost, however Fleury underscored the importance to be clear on the value side or benefit side of those costs. “So in that way, the patients can get the full story — they may be paying more for services. Are they getting more? Are they getting better quality? Organizations are really going to have to have that message down very well,” he said.

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