16:14 PM

Alternative Payment Models and Radiology

DiagnosticImaging.com reports on the notion of shifting toward a more value-based payment model, where providers would be paid for their performance, and the onus on radiology groups to demonstrate the value they contribute to patient care.

John A. Carrino, MD, MPH, radiologist at HSS, discussed this paradigm shift at the annual Association of Medical Imaging Management meeting, stating, “A lot of alternative payment models are based around the episode-of-care or surgical models, and they look at radiology as only sitting on the cost side of the ledger. They don’t always look at the quality of radiology being provided. But, there’s a value and a quality that radiology brings to overall patient care that needs to be addressed.” Dr. Carrino added, “It’s really important for radiology to participate in these models because imaging can be the primary focus of getting a diagnosis. Even if it’s just a couple of X-rays, radiology contributes positively to the care provided.”

Ultimately, Dr. Carrino said radiology groups must exert effort to highlight the value they provide because it demonstrates to referring providers that it matters where they send their patients for imaging. He concluded, “The healthcare landscape is changing, and imaging is going to be even more scrutinized that ever before in the past. There’s going to be a focus on value over volume, and it’s important to be engaged. Radiology groups should be working closely with other organizations to actively show the value they provide.”

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