15:49 PM

Get Moving: Exercise Can Help Lower Older Women's Fracture Risk

Health Day reports on the findings of a new study evaluating the types of exercise related to the risk of hip fracture and other bone breaks in women, which demonstrated women who regularly exercised at any intensity (i.e., walking, yard work, jogging), had a lower risk of hip fracture over 14 years compared to inactive women.

Health Day spoke to Richard S. Bockman, MD, PhD, chief of endocrinology at HSS, who was not involved with the study, to provide commentary on the findings. “Get out there and walk,” advised Dr. Bockman. Dr. Bockman explained that while bone density matters in hip fracture risk, other factors are also involved, which include muscle strength in the lower body, balance and agility, as broken hips are almost always the result of a fall.

Read the article at Consumer.healthday.com.

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