16:07 PM

Does Obesity Cause Arthritis? The Facts Arthritis Patients Must Know

CreakyJoints reports on the complexities around obesity, its impact on arthritis management, and what experts want you to know.

CreakyJoints spoke to Caroline A. Andrew, MD, medical weight management specialist at HSS, who explained the impact of obesity over how well your arthritis medications work. “Studies have shown that some DMARDs (disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs), which are used to treat inflammatory arthritis, may not be as effective in people who are overweight or obese,” said Dr. Andrew.

However, some medications that are used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory arthritis conditions can impact one’s weight. “Long-term use of glucocorticoids is associated with weight gain,” cited Dr. Andrew. Several medications used for arthritic pain can also cause weight gain. Dr. Andrew advised, “If possible, try to see an obesity medicine specialist, a physician who has been trained in weight management. This type of provider can do a thorough assessment, including a review of a patient’s medication list, and potentially [modify your treatment plan] to help mitigate some of the weight effects of the arthritis medications.”

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