17:45 PM

How do you address patients’ questions on use of CBD oil for treatment of musculoskeletal pain?

Orthopedics Today highlights the perspective of Todd J. Albert, MD, spine surgeon at HSS, on the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for musculoskeletal pain. Dr. Albert explained while there has been an increase in patients inquiring about the use of CBD as an adjunct to pain control for their musculoskeletal problems, this is being studied first. A survey will be conducted to identify the number of patients utilizing these substances, and followed by the creation of guidelines and recommendations for usage.

Dr. Albert explained, “In general, I am in favor of these methodologies given their decreased chance of habituation and adequate efficacy in pain diminution. Certainly, given the problems the industry has had with classic opioid treatment (habituation, overuse, addiction and repurposing of medicine), we would do a service to our patients to develop a well thought out and studied protocol using these substances as adjuncts in our pain control.” Additionally, Dr. Albert noted, “Appropriate stewardship would then recommend we study these substances further in terms of frequency of use, adverse events, secondary effects and ease of withdrawal. This can serve as a model for future responsible introduction of substances by a specialty whose diseases and interventions are more pain producing than any other specialty.”

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