16:08 PM

Director of the Joe DiMaggio Foot, Ankle, & Heel Center at the Hospital for Special Surgery joins Maggie and Perloff to discuss Lebron James' torn tendon

In this episode of the Maggie and Perloff podcast, Rock G. Positano, DPM, MSc, MPH, DSc, director of Non-Surgical Foot and Ankle Services at HSS, discussed Lebron James' torn tendon.

According to Dr. Positano, when you are dealing with a tendon or ligament injury in the foot, the blood supply is notoriously low, which means the healing potential is not as good as you'd like to see, there is a loss of strength, and the ability to come back at a rapid pace is impaired.  

If it turns out it is his achilles tendon, that could be a situation where you try not to do a surgical intervention said Dr. Positano. The surgery itself could be done very efficaciously, but the problem is constant force loading which make foot and ankle injuries so difficult.  Unlike other body parts, the foot and ankle have no chance to rest. 

Dr. Positano does not think this injury is career ending, but when an athlete of this caliber has a foot or ankle operation, the long term outcome is not always clear.  

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