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DCD>New York VIRTUAL: how networks and healthcare survived the center of the pandemic

HSS chief technology officer Bashir Agboola participated in a panel discussion as part of the Data Centre Dynamics (DCD) New York Virtual Event on how networks and healthcare services responded to the increase in data demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Agboola explained HSS staff adapted to changing roles during the crisis by working from home, which required the internet bandwidth to be upgraded. "We had to scale up our infrastructure overnight to upgrade our Internet bandwidth by 1000 percent very rapidly,” said Agboola. "Like many healthcare organizations we have been slow to the cloud game," he noted. "We have increased our reliance a little more, and seen that this will allow us to respond better to any future crisis."

Agboola also anticipated an increase in telehealth now the sector has been pushed into relying on online services. "Telehealth was struggling to take off. Now it is here to stay,” he said. Visits to health portals grew from thousands to millions during the months of pandemic, added Agboola.

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