16:20 PM

Cover 9@9: Falcons need to go slowly with Allen’s recovery from Achilles surgery

Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) reports on Ricardo Allen’s Achilles injury. Allen, a player for the Atlanta Falcons, is at the eight-month mark in his recovery following surgery.

AJC spoke to Mark C. Drakos, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at HSS, who did not treat Allen, but commented on the recovery for this type of injury. Dr. Drakos explained, “It’s definitely a season-ender. It’s now, at the earliest, it would be six to nine months. It’s really a year to when they are at their best.”

With regard to returning to sport, Dr. Drakos advised, “You don’t want to go back too quickly because there is a risk of re-rupture early. I will tell you that overall, the major thing is that there is a long road and a long recovery. You can get tendinitis afterwards. It’s one of those things that even though the tendon takes a couple of months to heal, it usually takes at least six to nine months, even up to a year, to get your strength back. The strength is the last thing to get back.”

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