11:31 AM

Companies see a future for smart implants. Doctors are waiting for proof.

MedTechDive discusses the future of smart implants and potential for improving patient outcomes with data and includes insight from Peter K. Sculco, MD, hip and knee surgeon, and Fred David Cushner, MD, knee surgeon.

Dr. Cushner noted that taking data on a patient’s stride, gait and speed could help develop recovery curves to predict how patients will adapt to their implants.

It also may be able to teach physicians how to reduce pain after a replacement and how best to position the replacement joint, Dr. Cushner added, who helped develop the sensors.

Dr. Cushner explained that once surgeons begin implanting smart knees and the data starts coming in, “You have to do studies, but everybody is inclined to believe that we’ll be able to answer some of those unknown questions.”

According to Dr. Sculco, data coming from inside the patient’s body also may help scientists design better knees. He added, “That is an incredible treasure trove of research.”

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