07:00 AM

Combined Block Regimen With Periarticular Injection Best for TKA

Anesthesiology News featured a study by HSS anesthesiologist Jonathan C. Beathe, MD, who found that adding an IPACK block and an abductor canal block to periarticular injections resulted in better pain control for patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty (TKA).

"This study took place during the evolution of pain control after total knee arthroplasty at our institution. We've gone from general anesthesia in the '80s to epidural [patient-controlled analgesia] and femoral nerve blocks, and we've now evolved to provide more motor-sparing blocks and—as I'm sure many others have seen—the tremendous growth of periarticular injections," said Dr. Beathe.

According to the article, patients who were administered both blocks were administered significantly fewer opioids.

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