22:14 PM

Combination of 2 Nerve Blocks Better Than 1 in Reducing Postoperative Pain After Hip Replacement

Medscape reports on a new study published in BMC Anesthesiology showing the combination of two nerve blocks is effective in reducing postoperative pain after hip replacement.

HSS anesthesiologist Bradley H. Lee, MD, who was not involved in the study, provided comments on the findings. Dr. Lee explained that various combinations of peripheral nerve blocks have been found to be effective in total hip arthroplasty, but he is concerned about their impact on mobility.

 “There are different types of 'peripheral nerve blocks' that numb the area of surgery and help reduce pain. Some of these peripheral nerve blocks also cause temporary muscle weakness, though, and can sometimes limit ability to walk immediately after. Therefore, the ideal type of peripheral nerve block that reduces pain but doesn't limit ability to walk still needs to be identified,” said Dr. Lee.

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