14:16 PM

CBS Newspath

CBS Newspath interviews HSS sports medicine physician Brett G. Toresdahl, MD, who discusses tips to avoid injuries for marathon runners.

Dr. Toresdahl and colleagues recently published a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine which monitored the training habits of hundreds of men and women who trained for the 2019 New York City Marathon, which indicated conservative training may be key to avoiding injury. “We saw that as runner’s started to increase their training too quickly, it seemed that they were putting themselves at risk of injury,” said Dr. Toresdahl. He advised runners to make gradual changes during training, as some online training plans push too hard, and don’t make up for skipped sessions by adding extra-long runs. “That’s where people started to get injured when they had a big spike in their training,” added Dr. Toresdahl.

Additionally, the segment features HSS patient and marathon runner Maddie Goodman, who shares her comeback story after experiencing an overuse injury to the TFL muscle in her leg while training for the Chicago Marathon. A cortisone injection helped just in time for Goodman to run in Chicago, where she achieved a personal best of a 3:01. Goodman is now pacing herself and adding strength training as she prepares for her next race. “Go out, have a great time and enjoy. And be careful how you train,” said Goodman.

This segment appeared on broadcast on local CBS affiliates across the country on November 4, 2022.