09:56 AM

13 Random Household Objects That Can Help with Arthritis Pain

CreakyJoints reports on tricks to using everyday household objects to reduce stress on the joints and ease arthritis symptoms according to experts, including HSS occupational therapist Casimiro “Casey” Degliuomini, OTR/L.

Degliuomini encouraged the use of self-adherent wrap (the type that can be found in the first aid section of a drug store), for easier grasp of objects with larger handles (pots and pans for instance). “It’s foamy to the touch and sticks to itself, so there’s no need for an adhesive to hold in place,” he said.

Degliuomini also suggested the use of a belt or shoulder strap from an old duffle bag or purse, to help with closing a car door. “Really, anything along those lines can be used to outfit the door handle of your car so you can pull it closed — no reaching required,” he noted.

Degliuomini further advised the use of a mop to help with cleaning the shower. “Bending down and reaching in to clean a shower or tub can be a very awkward task that is harsh on joints,” explained Degliuomini. By designating a mop to clean the tub and shower “you can reach every corner without having to bend down or lean forward,” he added.

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