08:34 AM

Car Rides. Meals. On-Court Play? Tracing the Virus in the N.B.A.

The New York Times discusses recent adjustments to COVID-19 protocols made by the NBA and it’s player union, mandating that players spend at least the next two weeks almost exclusively at home or at their hotels on the road when not playing basketball.

According to John P. DiFiori, MD, FACSM, chief of Primary Sports Medicine at HSS and director of Sports Medicine for the NBA, while exploring the causes of the spread, the league found common transmission points included car-pools without masks and shared meals. “Our players and team staff all have families,” said Dr. DiFiori. “Some of them have children. Some of them go to school. And they go out into the community. We’re all subject to the same sorts of potential risks that anyone else is.”

“What we’ve learned and it’s not a surprise is that the pandemic affects everyone associated with the NBA just like it affects the U.S. population and the world,” added Dr. DiFiori.

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