08:36 AM

Busted Ankle? What's Better, a Cast or Brace?

U.S. News & World Report highlights new research suggesting modern, flexible boots may be equivalent to plaster casts when treating broken ankles, and includes commentary on the findings from Andrew J. Elliott, MD, foot and ankle surgeon at HSS.

Similar levels of pain and function were reported after 16 weeks whether participants received a cast or a removable boot to treat an ankle fracture.

Dr. Elliott advised there are merits to both casts and removable boots when treating a broken ankle. “It winds up being a discussion between the patient and surgeon as to what they feel is the best course of treatment,” he said.

The new study did show that those people who received boots were more likely to develop an infection and/or need further surgery and Dr. Elliott explained, “These wounds can occur with early motion, and the boot doesn't fit as snuggly as a cast so you can develop microtraumas and wound issues.”

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